Choose The CARS+ Training Option That Fits Your Operation’s Needs

Choose The CARS+ Training Option That Fits Your Operation's Needs

Choose The CARS+ Training Option That Fits Your Operation’s Needs

While Thermeon offers simple, user-friendly software, it’s important for businesses using the software to ensure they’re getting the most out of CARS+. After all, CARS+ is designed to make car rental businesses run more efficiently and increase revenue. If you’ve invested CARS+ for your business, why not maximise what the software has to offer? Exploring our add-ons is one way, but proper training is a huge step in making sure you will use the software to its fullest capacity. With us making you and your staff experts as well, you will truly see what CARS+ is capable of doing for your business.

We strongly believe in training our clients properly, which is why our training teams are specialists in CARS+. Our trainers have the tools to help you. Our experienced team available to you, whether you choose to use our remote ‘session-shadowing’ training option, attend online seminars or arrange on-site visits. By working closely with you, we can help you choose a CARS+ Training option customised for your business. Let’s take a look at the options available to you as our client.

Implementation Training

CARS+ Training | car rental management system

Getting your staff started on the right foot is important, while ensuring they’re not overloaded with information. Rental agents can receive basic training from a Thermeon representative in a pair of two-hour sessions and already be on the way to being CARS+ proficient. Our training can be done over the phone with the trainee sitting at their own desk, whilst using Thermeon’s inbuilt session.

With our comprehensive reference manual containing everything you need to know about our applications, a rental agent can learn more at a quicker pace. If your trainee has any questions, all queries are monitored and tracked, using our fully automated support system. This will give your employees peace of mind in knowing their concerns will be addressed.

More About Session Shadowing

CARS+ Training | car rental software

Our Session Shadowing training service is a quick way of putting your trainee in touch with one of our experts. A member of our customer support team can securely connect their screen to a user’s screen remotely and synchronise both keyboards. Each one can see what the other is seeing as they work their way through the software. We should note that your privacy is very important to us, which is why we’ll only see what’s necessary. The app’s privacy settings only allow our staff to see what is in CARS+, and nothing else on your PC screen.

If you have more than one employee to train and don’t want to book multiple sessions for each employee, you’re in luck! CARS+ Session Shadowing makes it possible for an unlimited number of users to be attached to the same screen, making this method of training both economic and efficient. Your company’s own trainers and managers can also synchronize their screens, if they wish to sit in on the training session.

Skill-Building Webinars

CARS+ Training | auto rental software

While your initial training package covers everything you need to go live with CARS+, there may be certain functions that are more suitable than others for your business. As our solutions help you expand, some functions may only become relevant to your business once it grows or evolves over time.

Our online webinars are run from each of our regional offices, free of charge. Thermeon’s Client Service teams will identify which topics carry widespread appeal and will further discuss those accordingly.

Our trainers are always open to topic suggestions and we encourage our clients to provide their input.

Custom Training Packages

CARS+ Training | car reservation software

If you have a vision in mind of exactly what your business’s training needs are, we can customise our training to fit your plan! Perhaps your staff needs a one-hour refresher on a specific issue or a three-day course covering specific topics. Whatever you need and whatever your budget is, we can build the best possible training package for you! After all, our software is designed to increase your business and we’re there to serve YOU.

If you wish to learn more about which CARS+ Training option is right for your business, reach out to your local Thermeon representative.

Thermeon’s 30 years of global experience in car rental software gives us the skills to understand your requirements, building systems that suit. CARS+ is the complete software solution to link your rental business directly to customers, partners and brokers.
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