Maximising your revenue with CARS+ & WeYield

Maximising your revenue with CARS+ & WeYield

Today we look at a different way to manage those all-important rates. Over the years I've spent a lot of time with Yield and Rate Managers and I've yet to find a single one who has got it right all of the time. The very nature of their role requires them to take so many factors into account, whilst pitching that rate for that one day, as best as they can. A day that will never be repeated, a day that they will only ever get one shot at. So doesn't it make sense to have systems in place that gives your team all of the information they need to make the right decisions?

In CARS+ we go a long way in helping you make those decisions. A client recently said to me, that the thing they love most about CARS+ is its strength in accurate, meaningful reporting. With a plethora of historical utilisation and revenue analysis reports, or forward forecasting with the Res Yield Report and fleet planning tools, CARS+ has those bases covered.

But what else can you do to make better, more informed decisions?

For some time now we've have had an integration partnership with WeYield who specialise in tools that help you get the best out of that one-off rental day, every day. WeYield offer a suite of next generation web applications that analyse the all-important data from CARS+. WeYield then uses that data to forecast future demand trends and suggests appropriate fleet mix to maximise revenue per unit. It combines that with so many other factors like rate shopping information and event optimisation, etc.

To find out more about how WeYield can help your business maximise revenue opportunities contact Emmanuel Scuto at WeYield.

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