CARS+ iR Brings CARS+ Functions To User-Friendly iPhone Interface

CARS+ iR Brings CARS+ Functions To  User-Friendly iPhone Interface

We’re living in an era where mobile technology is now fully ingrained in our daily lives. Most of us can no longer picture what our lives would be like without carrying a smartphone. Think of all the tasks we perform using a smartphone every day; things as simple as checking the weather, documenting our habits on social media, sending personal and business emails on the go and live streaming are taken for granted today. Things didn’t used to be this convenient, but mobility has become a staple in modern technology.

With all this in mind, it only makes sense that Thermeon would bring more mobility to its software, which is what CARS+ iR (Instant Return) brings to our clients. Think of how many editions of the iPhone have been released in the past decade. As of 2017, over 700 million people in the world were using iPhones. An additional 46 million iPhones were sold in the fourth quarter of 2018 and it seems to be only a matter of time before the number of iPhone users hits one billion. CARS+ iR launched back in 2012 as the first iPhone App available in the enterprise-level car rental software market. With the extended reach of the iPhone, CARS+ iR is reaching more and more rental outlets by the day. It only made sense to incorporate the simplicity and the desire to use a mobile device within the car rental industry.

Integrating heavy, expensive equipment used to be a necessity for rental companies to integrate software, but we know those days are waning, if not gone. Many of the same functions that have been used by rental companies for decades are now available in smartphones. Not to mention, an iPhone under contract with insurance for breakage or loss represents a far lower ownership cost WITHOUT the need for large orders or support contracts. So now that we’ve established the advantages of using a mobile device, let’s dive into where CARS+ iR fits into all this.

What Does CARS+ iR Do?

CARS+ iR | car rental management system

CARS+ iR cleverly extends CARS+ functions with a user-friendly iPhone interface. Using this easy-to-use interface allows our customers to execute a fast closure of rental agreements. Information is easy to fill out and easily retrievable, right at the tip of your thumbs. Using an iPhone, our customers can retrieve rental details by the vehicle license plate and record fuel details and the stall number. Perhaps most importantly of all, CARS+ iR can capture and retrieve photos of vehicle damage, protecting your rental company.

Managing a fleet is easier and you can ensure you stay up to date on your vehicles. You can simply set a new status for your vehicle or carry out an entire vehicle stock-take by quickly scanning each vehicle’s QR code. Rental charges can also be calculated from the simple interface and processing a payment has never been quicker. Using an existing form of payment by your customer, payments can be automatically authorized with one touch. Finally, the app presents the option of printing out a return receipt or simultaneously emailing the full Rental Agreement to the customer.

Who Benefits From CARS+ iR?

CARS+ iR | car rental software

If your rental company mainly deals with high volumes of “simple, repetitive” business, why not have an app that’s simple and meant to streamline your business in a far more efficient manner? Perhaps your rental company is also prone to sudden busy periods wherein many vehicles are being returned at once. At that point, the customer wants to just close out the rental and be on their way and you want the customer to leave satisfied. A big factor in a customer leaving satisfied is the customer being able to close out a transaction for a service in a timely manner. At the same time, it’s in a business’s best interest as well, as no business wants to be known as one that holds up customers. This has a two-fold benefit for your rental outlet, as you can deploy temporary specialist staff to your returns areas to assist in handling peak business times. Having the power to assist with a mobile device makes that process easier and faster.

Simply put, the app reduces check in time and helps manage your fleet, which is something any rental location of any size, strives for.

What Do You Need?

Apple products | car reservation software

If you’re an Apple user, you’re in luck, as CARS+ iR is compatible with all recent iPhone and iPad devices. Be sure that your device is updated to iOS5 and of course your returns area will require an internet connection through WI-FI or a cellular network.

To summarize, the system requirements for CARS+ iR are the following: iPhone 4, 4S or above iPad 2
iPod Touch 4th generation
iOS 5
Internet connection (by wifi or cellular network) in your returns area

What CARS+ iR Will Do For Your Business

Just because your rental company is smaller than the industry’s giants, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the same advantages in increasing productivity. CARS+ iR allows smaller rental companies to compete with the larger ones by reaping the same productivity benefits.

To find out more about how you can start using CARS+ iR, contact your Account Manager.


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