your complete car rental system


Flexible options for customer facing roles


Connecting your business to customers, brokers and partners


Complete management, accounting and reporting suite


Providing powerful web tools to maximise rates exposure

CARS+ provides the fastest, most powerful complete system on the market. Fully-customisable with a suite of add-ons, it’s much more than just a counter system; we’ve got the entire car rental process covered from Reservation to Accounting and Reporting. Our fast, enterprise class system puts the power in your hands by opening new channels of business, increasing rate exposure, unlocking the power of brokers and eliminating manual processing errors; all helping your business to grow and drive new sales and partnerships.

  • Handles multiple booking sources and locations
  • Common systems across the world
  • Real-time data and powerful rates engine
  • Unlimited number of defined rates and options
  • Integrated accounting and reporting functions
  • Cloud-hosted
  • Fully supports localisation/multi-region
  • Flexible and customisable


Small business replacing manual processes

National Independent

Needs more power to manage a growing fleet

National Franchisee

Advanced controls across multiple regions

International Franchisor

International, multi-brand operations

CARS+ is built to be fast, powerful and reliable so we don’t expect problems to arise very often. We are constantly checking the health and performance of our servers and systems to ensure that we foresee any problems and keep CARS+ running at maximum capacity.

Online Customer Dashboard

Our eXchange Gateway and provides you with security controlled access to a wide range of tools and applications as part of the CARS+ service. This automated system provides free, rapid responses to your problems and details your back catalogue of previous issues.

Expert Customer Support

Our dedicated Customer Support teams are on hand, 24hrs a day, 365 days a year should any problems occur. With real-world experience of the car rental industry, they are not just software experts, but understand the day-to-day issues that you face.

Reference Manual

Our comprehensive reference manual, accessed through our online dashboard, contains everything you need to know about our system applications and is constantly being updated and improved.


Our teams are experts in CARS+ and we have the tools to help you become an expert too. Our highly-trained staff use remote ‘session-shadowing’, online seminars and on-site visits to provide a range of training options custom build for your business.


Our systems are built with you in mind. We like to work closely with you to create the right solution to suits your needs and budget. CARS+ is a complete, fully-customisable system allowing you and your business even more choice over both functionality and budget.

After a low upfront setup and configuration investment, we work with you to find an on-going support pricing model suits your requirements. This is normally based on a usage fee that adapts as we help your business grow.

Please contact your local Thermeon office and talk to one of our highly-experienced team members to discuss your needs further.

Our Customers

“ I cannot say thank you enough. I admire the way you manage our account. You are always so polite, tactful, and have taught me much about true customer service. Your company is leading edge! ”

Gill Bowmaker, Hertz South Africa

“ Thermeon provide excellent support and service. ”

Raymond McConn, Managing Director, Budget Car Rental

“ I couldn't wait for CARS+ to be installed. I just knew it would do a lot of the work for me and allow me to run my business! ”

Donnier Mcloud, Coffs Harbour Rent-A-Car

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Thermeon work with the complete car rental industry from global companies to independent operators. Our teams have real-world experience in the car rental market and are experts in building and maintaining the right system for your business.